Why MaxMy401k?

No one size fits all. Recommendations based on your facts.

MaxMy401k Recommendations

MaxMy401k automatically pulls offerings on what is available in most 401k plans and mutual fund providers. You're shown results based on current market expectations not historical results.

MaxMy401k was designed to help you manage your 401k so as to maximize your chances of having enough money to retire on.

We Do This By:

1. Taking your personal facts into consideration: how long until retirement, how much you have saved, how much you expect to save before retirement, and how much you expect to spend during retirement.

2. Looking at current market conditions: expected returns on all the different asset classes.

3. Generating thousands of different scenarios and seeing how each investment strategy performs under each scenario.

4. Then selecting the least "risky" strategy for your personal facts.

Easy to use. Easy to understand.

MaxMy401k Results

Fewer questions to answer. Less information to input.

Straightforward Results

Pick the strategy which gives you the best chance of reaching your objective


MaxMy401k Goals

Can save you on advisory fees. This means that your returns could be twice what it would have been by retirement.

Could greatly increase you chances of attaining your retirement goals by giving you the right asset allocation mix.

Can't beat the price!